A Breakdown of the Sponsor Button on YouTube

What is the sponsor button on YouTube? If you have been seeing this button on your YouTube feed recently, then it’s likely that you are not alone.

The sponsored ads on YouTube first appeared in 2007 and they now account for about one-third of all ad revenue generated by Google. So what exactly is a sponsor button? It’s an advertisement that appears next to videos from channels that users subscribe to or watch frequently. To use the sponsor button, channels need at least 10k subscribers and 4 million lifetime views.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video-sharing site created by three ex-PayPal employees. It was eventually bought out by Google and has since become the largest social media platform in existence. YouTube currently hosts more than one billion unique users every month, with over 20 million hours of content being uploaded each day (Facebook: 600M; Instagram: 400M).

What is the Sponsor Button?

The sponsor button is an advertisement that appears next to videos from channels that you subscribe to or watch frequently on YouTube.

This feature first appeared in 2007 and now accounts for about a third of all ad revenue generated through Google’s service. To use this function, channels need at least ten thousand subscribers along with four hundred thousand lifetime views before they can be eligible.

How does the Sponsor Button work?

The sponsor button typically appears next to videos that you are watching from channels on which you have subscribed or watched a lot of content in the past.

If this is something that interests you, then click on it and learn more about what they can offer your channel through monetization opportunities (e.g., advertising).

This will not only provide an opportunity for them to make money off their efforts but also help support your favorite creators as well! The most common forms of sponsorships include ad banners placed before, during, and after video playlists; pre-roll ads displayed before video views; mid-video banner advertisements lasting up to 30 seconds between commercials break; post-roll advertisement following video completion; and in-video advertisement that displays over the video.

Why do you need a certain number of subscribers and views to use it?

You have to meet specific requirements before being eligible for this function on YouTube, such as having at least ten thousand subscribers along with four hundred thousand lifetime views.

This is because they want channels that are administering ads responsibly by prioritizing appropriate content, adhering strictly to community guidelines, following copyright policies, etc.

More specifically they will look into how many people subscribe/watch your videos regularly so if you’re just starting out or not very popular yet then there’s no point in using it since nobody would care about what you advertise anyway! If done correctly, the chances of your video being watched by an interested party are much higher.

Who benefits from using the Sponsor Button?

The most obvious answer would be that whoever made their ad will benefit since they can use this as a way to get more exposure and generate revenue for themselves.

But if you’re not already making money off ads on YouTube then it’s also beneficial because people are more likely to see what you advertise in videos so there’s a greater chance of them clicking on it than other channels with fewer views or subscribers.

Channels that have been verified through Google AdSense can earn additional revenue from these advertisements which means they don’t need any extra help but again, those who want all the attention should go ahead and use them.

How does this work with other social media?

YouTube has been integrating more and more into Facebook over time so there’s a good chance you’ll find your favorite YouTube channels on their site. It also works in reverse as well since they’ve made it possible for videos from these platforms to be embedded onto one another (e.g., Facebook video uploaded directly to a YouTube channel).

What are some of the advantages?

One more benefits to using these sponsored ads are that it’s relatively easy for anyone with a Gmail account since all you have to do is use your Google credentials.

In addition, YouTube has been making changes over time (such as allowing channels under ten thousand subscribers) to make them easier and simpler so there’s less work involved on behalf of the creator. This means they can focus their energy elsewhere such as creating content or marketing themselves which will benefit everyone in the end!

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