How to Add Links on a YouTube Banner?

Are you looking for a way to add links to your youtube banner? If so, then this blog post is perfect for you. We will go over how to add links on a youtube banner and some of the best practices when it comes to adding links.

What is a Youtube banner?

A youtube banner is a graphic that appears when you go to and the video player loads on your screen. This banner will usually appear for about five seconds before it goes away or if someone clicks anywhere on the page, including playlists, other videos, etc.

For this reason, banners should be short because they are only seen briefly. You can have up to six lines of text in total as well as an image with dimensions 1080x1080px (equal width and height).

There are many benefits of a youtube banner. One of them is that it can give you a way to advertise your website or blog. You can also use YouTube banners as an addition to other methods of advertising such as business cards, flyers, posters, and fliers.

A youtube banner should tell the target audience what they will find on the channel in order to entice viewers into clicking through.

A good rule of thumb for designing Youtube Banners is: keep it short but sweet! Videos are very engaging these days so don’t forget about them either – make sure there’s something at the bottom with links back to more videos from this person.

The size dimensions for images associated with YouTube channels is 1080×1080 pixels (equal width and height).

Another thing you need to pay attention to when designing a youtube banner is copyright infringement so make sure any images, logos, etc are free use without infringing on someone else’s copyrights. The last but not least tip I recommend for using Youtube Banners is: Mix it Up! Add links back to other videos from that person, make it a mix of text and images.

Add links to the YouTube banner?

Yes, you can add links on a youtube banner and for this reason, it’s important to think of the end-user and what they want when deciding where to put your links.

Step-by-step instructions:

To add links to a Youtube Banner follow these steps:

Create a new file at 300 pixels by 250 pixels in size Make sure that there’s no background color Set the foreground color fill-opacity at 20% Add the text for your banner in black, 20 pt font size

Let’s say you wrote the following: “Hello! I’m Alice.” Now we need to add links. You would place a link by clicking on the Text Tool and then go to File > Place Link From URL or choose an image that you have already saved onto your computer.

If you want two different images with text next to them, follow these steps: make sure there is no background color showing; set foreground color at 50% opacity so it shows through slightly; use one line of text if only using one picture

  • Or up to six lines of text if incorporating both pictures
  • Repeat as needed. Save as a jpg file and upload it into a blog post.

Add links via android and IOS mobile app?

It is possible to add links on a youtube banner via the Youtube mobile app as well. To do this, press and hold down your finger until you see the text “Action” at the bottom of your screen – then choose to add a link from the URL or Link to Video Nearby.

This will open up another window where you can type in what website address you want it to go to (for example: “website URL”). You can also have an image with dimensions 1080x1080px (equal width and height) by uploading one through iTunes Store Apps > File Sharing > Photos section.

You can also check the video for instructions:

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