How to Hide the View Count on YouTube?

The YouTube app on your phone is probably one of the first apps you open when you’re bored or just want to watch something. You may have noticed that there’s a view count at the top right corner of every video in your feed and on all videos in search results. Maybe it’s time to hide this view count because maybe no one needs to know how many people have watched any given video? Here are ways to do so!

What is YouTube?

YouTube has been around since 2005 and it’s a platform that allows people all over the world to upload content. It was designed for people to share their opinions, views, beliefs through videos. Many have seen an increase in video creators leaving YouTube because they do not want viewers to know how many times their video has been viewed or what kind of feedback they’ve received on these channels.

Some believe that this fear may come from the idea that if your video is receiving millions of views then you are being looked at as less credible by other YouTubers who might view you more negatively due to this large amount of popularity which will give them higher rankings.

What can I do?

Luckily there are ways for you to hide your view count on YouTube. One way is by downloading a browser extension called “YouTube Black”. This extension will make your view count invisible to people who visit your channel. Another way you can hide the number of views from others is by using an app that changes the feed in order for anyone scrolling through not to be able to see how many times someone’s video has been viewed without clicking into it, such as Aptoide TV. This app can be found in the Google Play Store.

Why should I hide my view count?

Whether it’s time for you to show your video to friends and family or if you want more people to see what you have posted, hiding how many times a video has been viewed will help protect your personal information from being out there in the open. It is important that when posting videos online, especially on social media websites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., we are careful about our privacy settings and who is able to watch any given post of ours. Always remember that anything someone posts could go viral very quickly which means people may not know where this content came from so they might make false assumptions without realizing their error in judgment until later.

How does one hide their view count on PC?

The easiest way would be through downloading an extension called “YouTube Black”. This is available for free at the Chrome Web Store and once downloaded, simply follow instructions on installation before logging in with a Google account.

From that point forward all of your videos will have a view count hidden with no further effort needed on the user’s part. You can also download an app from “Aptoide TV” which will change what people see in their feed and provide access to individual posts when desired by clicking into them for viewing purposes only, but changing someone’s feed does not hide how many views are given to any video upload.

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