How to View Your Unlisted YouTube Videos?

YouTube is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool that can help you increase your business’s exposure. It can also be used to create engaging and entertaining content for your audience.

However, sometimes you may not want to share certain videos with the public on YouTube due to their sensitive or private nature. In this blog post, we will discuss how unlisted YouTube videos work and how they can be accessed from time to time by authorized viewers!

What is an Unlisted Youtube Video?

Unlisted YouTube videos are typically created to protect sensitive or private content on your channel.

These types of videos cannot be found through the search function, and viewers who have been authorized to view them can find them by clicking a link in an email notification that is sent after being chosen as an eligible viewer.

When you set up an unlisted YouTube video, it will not show up when people do a general search for your username and they won’t appear if someone searches using keywords related to what you upload.

You may also choose which specific tags these unauthorized viewers can see (e.g., “unboxing”). Unlisted YoutTube Video URLs are included in HTML links so that viewers from outside of YouTube who are on your site can access the video.

YouTube has a robust security system to prevent unauthorized viewers from accessing videos that are set as unlisted or private, however, it is not 100% effective and there have been instances when people who shouldn’t be able to find these types of videos found them anyway.

However, if you want authorized users to view an unlisted YouTube Video without making it public (e.g., for feedback), then they must enroll in their channel’s Google+ community first before viewing the video!

Steps to watch an unlisted YouTube video:

  • To enroll in a channel’s Google+ community, go to the Community tab on their Channel and click “Join the community.” You will be able to interact with other subscribers who are part of your favorite channels’ communities, chat about videos you want them to see, create online polls and surveys for feedback that is private between just you and authorized viewers from your channel’s community!
  • It can also help you increase traffic by joining conversations related to topics important or popular among people who have similar interests as yours.

Unlisted Videos cannot be found using general search queries so users must subscribe for it shows up on their homepage feed when they log into the YouTube app on their computer or mobile device.

Check this video for some more details:

How to Make a Video Unlisted?

To make a video unlisted on YouTube, click the “Advanced” option from your channel’s drop-down menu and then select the “Make this Unlisted” option.

If you want to hide an individual video that is already publicly available on YouTube instead of making it private or unlisted, follows these steps:

  • Click the Share button at the top left corner of their Player Window → Select More Options from the list → Click Hide Content→ Untick all three boxes to display your video again for viewers who have been authorized!
  • You can also manage which specific tags unauthorized viewers canto see by clicking on Dashboard under Channel Settings → Following/Subscribed Channels tab (under Manage Account Settings) → select the checkbox next to Tags and untick any tags you do not want them to see!
  • If viewers are spamming your inbox with emails for comments on videos that they haven’t been authorized, then make sure in the Comments tab under Channel Settings → Audience Selection (under Manage Account Settings)→You have access to this video→Unticked “Anyone can comment.” This will prevent unauthorized viewers from being notified of new content updates by email or through YouTube notifications.

When Should You Consider Making a Video Private or Unlisting It on Youtube?

One of the main reasons to make a video private or unlisting it on Youtube is if you have videos that are sensitive and not appropriate for public viewing. Another reason could be because you want your content to remain exclusive among certain viewers, such as friends/family members.

It may also come in handy when there’s an error with YouTube that cannot be fixed quickly like deleting comments from unauthorized users.

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