Why Does YouTube Load Slowly? How to Speed Up the Loading Time?

It seems like the internet is getting faster and faster, but there are many websites that don’t seem to be catching up. When you’re watching a video on YouTube, it can take a long time for the video to load. This can be frustrating when you just want to get back to your cat videos as quickly as possible! Luckily, there are some ways that you can speed up the loading time of your favorite website. In this blog post, we’ll talk about 14 tips or things that you should do in order to make sure that Youtube loads as fast as possible.


YouTube is the second most popular website in the world, coming in just after Facebook according to Alexa rankings for web traffic. The site has also been given a significant amount of press coverage over its continued dominance as one of the largest sites on which people spend time online (reportedly averaging around 40-50% of all internet users).

The site also has many different features that help it stand out from other video-sharing sites. The most notable is the “Watch Later” feature, which saves videos to a user’s playlist so that they can watch them later without having to spend time finding and loading the video again.

The YouTube app is also built into Google Play Music on Android devices, meaning users of both apps have quick access to their favorite content with just one click or swipe.

2. It’s also one of the largest sites on which people spend time online:

The site’s user-friendly design and ease of use have made it a popular choice among internet users that often visit the website in order to watch videos or listen to music (especially since there are no ads).

The world’s most visited website, Facebook, comes in the first place as far as web traffic ranking goes with over 22% more visits than YouTube according to recent reports from comScore Inc., so this statistic may change following Google Play Music becoming available on iOS devices.

Some other things about YouTube include its emphasis on video-sharing – you can upload any type of footage you want without having an account; its popularity; and its various features.

It’s notable that YouTube is available in 60 languages including Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish and Catalan among many others; it has a large variety of videos, like tutorials and how-to guides; it also has many different features that help to stand out from other video-sharing sites.

3. As a result, it can be frustrating when you’re trying to watch videos and they take forever to load

It can be frustrating when you’re trying to watch videos and they take forever to load. The good news is that there are some things you can do to make your YouTube experience better.

1) Make sure your internet connection isn’t slow or overloaded

YouTube has a lot of data to process, so your internet connection needs to be reliable in order for videos to load quickly. If you’re having trouble with slow speeds or if the website seems overloaded, try using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data and turning off any other devices that might be sucking up bandwidth (especially those attached through an Ethernet cord).

If this doesn’t work, contact customer service about setting up a higher quality stream

2) Use an extension like Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin for Firefox/Chrome which will stop ads from slowing downloading times (or use an ad blocker with fewer rules if possible)

Many people find that they’re able to load videos more quickly when they install extensions like Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin for Firefox/Chrome.

If you don’t have an extension, try using an ad blocker with fewer rules in order to prevent ads from slowing the downloading time.

Slow downloading times can often be caused by various types of advertisements on YouTube and these steps will help eliminate this as a potential cause of slow loading speeds.

3) One way to speed up the loading time for your favorite videos is by installing Google Chrome’s Data Saver extension or using Opera Mini Mobile Browser (which compresses web pages)

If you find that videos load too slowly on your device, one way to try and fix this is by using Google Chrome’s Data Saver extension. Opera Mini Mobile Browser also compresses web pages so they take up less space on your phone or tablet which can help the video load faster – especially if it’s a larger file size like The Hobbit in HD Quality (video).

4) Another way to speed up loading times is by disabling HTML5 autoplay and buffering features so you can choose when you want to watch videos

This can be done by disabling autoplay and buffering features. This will allow you to choose when you want the video to start playing, which is especially helpful for videos with ads in them or if you don’t want to watch a whole video that’s been recommended on your feed.

You also have the option of selecting “Show more” at the bottom of every YouTube page so there are fewer videos listed per page; this makes it easier for pages to load quicker since they’re less data-intensive.

5) Choose between 720p and 1080p editions of the video

You can also try the 720p or 1080p edition of a video if you’re having trouble with loading speeds.

For example, when I was trying to watch “Frozen” on my laptop in HD Quality (video), it would take over five minutes for the video to load and play. However, after watching it on YouTube’s website using Firefox at 480×320 resolution, it loaded very quickly! The quality wasn’t as good but I’m sure most people wouldn’t notice unless they looked really closely or had an expensive monitor near them.

6) Type in “chrome:// flags” into the address bar and hit enter; then, click “enable via a flag”. This is an experimental feature so be sure to restart your browser after doing this. Then search YouTube for a video that you want to watch and wait until it starts playing automatically before clicking anything else. You should not have any buffering issues when watching the video now!

You can also check this video for more details:

4. More Helpful Tips:

  • You can also try restarting your laptop or device if you’re still having issues with loading times
  • Some videos might need to be processed before they will play, which is indicated by the “processing” status on a video’s page. This usually takes less than five seconds and doesn’t happen for all videos but it could help in certain instances. If this happens, wait until the process has finished, and then press play! You can tell when processing is complete because a bar at the bottom of the screen will turn from green to blue (or yellow). Keep in mind that some very large HD quality files may take up to 30 minutes for processing so please give them time; otherwise, contact customer service about this issue.
  • If you’re using an Android device, it may be worthwhile to try downloading YouTube’s app instead of using the mobile website for a better viewing experience.
  • Some videos also offer 480p resolution which will help the video load faster and save bandwidth if your internet is too slow or expensive so this might be worth trying out!


According to the above-given tips, I conclude this blog post as follows:

  • There are many ways to help with loading speeds for videos on YouTube. Some may be more helpful than others depending on your device and internet connection, so I recommend trying out a few of these methods if you’re having trouble viewing any video or just want streaming times to go faster!
  • YouTube has recently made it easier by allowing users to select “720p” or “1080p” editions from the drop-down menu when searching for a video that can help decrease load time because they usually take up less space on your phone (if this is an issue).
  • If all else fails, try restarting your laptop/device and then replaying the video; make sure there’s no buffering going on.
  • If you’re having issues with a video loading on mobile, try downloading the YouTube app for your device.

This concludes my blog post about how to fix buffering and loading issues on YouTube.

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