Why is Chrome Crashing When Playing YouTube Videos? And How to fix it?

A lot of people are finding that Google’s Chrome browser has been experiencing some crashing issues when playing YouTube videos. It can be frustrating if you’re trying to watch a video and then the browser crashes for no apparent reason and you have to start over. Luckily for all of us, Google offers steps on how to fix this problem. Follow the instructions below and hopefully, your problems should be solved!

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google.   It was released in 2008 for Windows and macOS, followed by Linux support in 2009.  In September 2012, the first release of Chrome OS includes an operating system-level sandboxing technology called “App Runtime for Chrome” (ARC).   This gave all Chromebooks access to Android applications through their built-in Internet browsers without requiring them to handle installations remotely or even download any additional software from Google Play Store.

The app runtime can also run on non-Chromebook computers that meet the necessary requirements as well, but doing this requires manual installation steps such as downloading ARC Welder’s APK package separately and enabling it under Developer Mode settings.

ARC is also available for Windows and macOS (since Chrome 43) in “beta” mode, but the beta release of ARC can only run applications packaged with the Android APK format.  

In 2013, Google released a new revision of their design guidelines based on user feedback which they call Material Design that would be applicable across all its browsers, including Chrome.

It includes three principles: content focus; simple visual styles such as animation; and responsive web design so it works well on any device from desktops to phones or TVs.

Does Google Chrome crash while playing youtube videos?

Yes, Chrome does crash if you’re watching YouTube videos. You might not even be able to play the video or just end up with a blank screen.   

This is a known issue and it’s been going on for months.  

The problem has something to do with the Chrome version being used in this process, even though Google says that other browsers shouldn’t have these problems. This includes Windows XP or Vista as well as Linux (32-bit only) versions of Firefox 30 and 31, Safari Version 74.0+ running Mac OS X Yosemite release 16A323+, Microsoft Edge 1511+ including 64-bit editions when they are available for installation from the Windows Store retail location, Opera 43+, or any browser built on WebKit 45+. The latest beta versions should also work just fine without crashing during video playback at all times.

This can be a frustrating problem for many people, so it’s important to know what the issue might be and how to fix it. There are a few different reasons that may cause your browser to crash while you’re watching YouTube clips on your computer or mobile device. We’ll go over those below so you can see if any of these sound like the problem that you’re having!

How to fix it?

Google offers many steps to fix this issue. Some of them are:   

  • Restarting your computer or mobile device.   
  • Making sure that you’re on the latest version of Chrome. 
  • Updating Java and Flash player plug-ins for your browser to make sure they are up to date too.

These will help with a lot of problems, but if none of them work then it may be an issue with how much RAM is available on your machine or system requirements not being met correctly in general. Make sure those factors don’t affect you before moving forward! The easiest way to do this would be to use one of their online tools called “Google’s System Assessment Tool”. You can find it here: (link goes here)

That should solve any issues you might have with crashing while playing YouTube videos in the Chrome browser.  

  • Resolving system requirements to make sure they are met correctly before moving forward  
  • Making sure your computer is on and running properly  
  • Restarting your device or restarting your router if it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network (making these changes will sometimes clear up connectivity issues, but if that doesn’t work then try rebooting both)

Hopefully one of those steps helps solve this problem for you! There are plenty more ways that you could do what we’ve talked about here too, including:

  • Updating Java software from Oracle Corporation
  • Updating Flash Player plug-ins by Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Clean install of Google Chrome

Delete old data.

  • Close Chrome.  
  • Open File Explorer or Finder and Go to “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data”.
  • Find the “Chrome” folder and delete the contents of it, making sure to leave all the files and folders saved in this directory intact.
  • Go back to the “C:\Users\<username>\AppData” folder and find the “Google” folder.
  • Delete the same “Chrome” folder from this directory as you did from above.
  • Exit out of explorer/finder and reopen Chrome to see if it works.

Does your computer need an update?

Sometimes, you might have a computer that can’t handle what YouTube videos require. This means that it will crash while trying to play the video because it doesn’t meet system requirements. If this sounds like a problem for you, make sure that your browser is up-to-date and ask Google’s Chrome team about any available updates!

Update your Internet browser’s settings.

Alternatively, you can update your Internet browser’s settings if it’s any other web browser that may be causing the crashing on YouTube videos.

You should first make sure to install a browsers extension called “NoScript” and disable its script blocking function before using it for viewing embedded video content in websites such as those found on Google Search or social media sites like Facebook. If this doesn’t work then try turning off hardware acceleration (which will also help with slow loading times).

Lastly, clear all your cookies by clicking Clear Cookies Now under Privacy Settings while browsing through Safari application preferences; however please note that clearing these cookies could cause some features not to work properly until they are re-enabled.   

Is your internet connection adequate?

It’s possible that if your internet speed isn’t fast enough or there are other issues with connectivity then Chrome may not be able to load content as smoothly as desired. In these cases, we recommend getting help from someone who understands more about computers or mobile devices (like a specialist) so they can diagnose your bandwidth and make any necessary adjustments.

Are you using the latest version of Chrome?

If not, it’s possible that there are bugs in earlier versions that cause crashes when playing YouTube videos. To get these fixed, we recommend upgrading to the newest version!

Is Chrome crashing just for this one video or all videos on YouTube?

It is possible that some third-party programs (such as virus scanners) may be causing problems with Google’s browser simply because they need certain permissions and access to different parts of your computer.

You can try turning off those programs temporarily if you’re experiencing troubles so they don’t interfere with anything else until you have a chance to talk to someone about them more specifically.      

Is Chrome crashing when you try to play the video but not after it starts?

One way of fixing this problem maybe just waiting for the video to load. Some videos take a while to buffer, so if you give them some time then your browser might have enough time to work out any issues that pop up along the way!

What are other ways people can fix this issue?

Well, as we mentioned earlier there are also third-party programs (like virus scanners) that may be causing problems with Google’s browser simply because they need certain permissions and access to different parts of your computer. We recommend talking to someone about these specific programs more specifically than trying anything else on your own in order to see if you can get the problem solved.      

Is Chrome crashing every time videos are played on YouTube?

It’s possible that this is a network or internet issue! In those cases, we recommend trying to find out what type of connection your browser has (e.g., cable vs wifi) and see if there is anything else about it that may be causing problems with video playback in general. If not, then keep checking the status page for Google Chrome to make sure they’ve resolved any issues since you last checked while also asking them directly if their team knows how to fix it! You might need an update soon after all!

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