How do I Make My Liked Videos Private on YouTube?

Many YouTubers have liked videos that they would like to keep private. It could be a video of their kids or something else that doesn’t need to be seen by the world. In this article, we will show you how to make your YouTube likes private. We’ll also give you some tips and tricks for making sure others don’t see your favorites!

To make your YouTube likes private, you can go into your account and un-check “Allow other users to like my videos” in the settings tab. This will only allow people who are logged into an email address and password access to those liked videos. We recommend checking this option if you don’t want others seeing what you’re watching!

Some YouTubers may not want opponents finding out about certain strategies they use for games where it is helpful for them to keep it secret as long as possible (for example strategy guides). To combat this, we suggest making your favorites list hidden from public viewing so nobody sees it.

To do this, go to the settings tab and click on “privacy”. Then scroll down until you see your likes list. Click on it (it will say “Hide” by default) and then change that toggle switch from Hide to Enable so nobody can see what videos you like!

The Dos and the Don’t:

  • Do check the “Allow other users to like my videos” option in your account settings if you want only logged-in people to be able to see those likes.
  • Don’t hide your favorites list, as this will make them not accessible for you or anyone else!

If you are signed in and have liked any YouTube Videos then these tips should help keep things private from prying eyes. So don’t worry about it when someone sees what video’s that they’ve liked anymore because privacy is easy on YouTube! Follow our tricks above and nobody will know where all of your favorite videos are hiding 😉

Checkout this video for more details:

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