How to Add a Family Member to YouTube TV?

The YouTube TV app is a lot of fun for the whole family! There are lots of different channels to choose from, and it’s so easy to watch your favorite shows. It might be tempting to add all your relatives as “family members” on your account, but there are some things you need to know before doing this.

Read this article if you want to learn how to add a family member on YouTube TV and what the benefits are for both of you!

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a streaming service that offers live television and cable channels. With it, you can watch all of your favorite shows-including sports! You can watch on your TV and other devices like a phone, laptop, tablet, or computer.

The best part is, YouTube TV offers most of the channels you’re used to seeing on a cable package-except for local channels and those that are exclusive to certain providers.

You can also check this video for more details:

What Is The Family Plan?

The family plan allows up to six people on your account who share the same Google ID. If you have a lot of friends or relatives with their own households, then this might be something worth considering!

This means that everyone can enjoy all the benefits without having to pay extra just because they’ve got their own place! You also get more than one DVR so there’s plenty of space if someone forgets to record something.

One downside is that it only includes two streams at once; other accounts offer three simultaneous streams which would allow each person to watch a show at the same time on their own account.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Family Members?

Adding family members can offer many perks that may not have been seen when adding friends or other acquaintances!

For one thing, using up mobile data will become a thing of the past, because you’ll be able to watch YouTube TV on your mobile device without it counting against your data plan.

You’ll also enjoy more customization and control over what is shown in recommendations for each family member.

Who Can Be Added As Family Members?

There are many people that can become part of a “family” when adding members to a YouTube account!

A spouse or partner with whom you share joint finances cannot be added as an individual user but they could still sign up through the shared account by entering their own email address (following all steps) and then signing into their Google Account while signed in to the app using this same device.

Children under 18 years old are eligible to have up to four profiles created for them, which are then automatically added to your account as family members.

Who Should Not Be Added As Family Members?

You might want to think twice before adding someone other than a spouse or partner and children under 18 years old!

They may not realize how much they’ll be able to watch (especially if you have the $35/month plan) but spending money on services for which there is no benefit could quickly become unfair or irritating – especially when it comes time to pay the bill each month.

Think about who would most enjoy this service first and make sure that you’re willing to spend extra money just so they can use it too!

Why You Should Add Them Now Even If They Don’t Live With You Anymore:

It’s always worth it to add family members if you’re going to be paying for the service.

They’ll get the same benefits that any other account holder would enjoy, and it might just open up a whole new world of possibilities for them! YouTube TV is cheaper than cable in many areas, so what will they miss out on by not having access?

How Do I Add A New Member To My Account And What Are The Steps Involved In Doing So?

Adding someone as a family member has never been easier with YouTube TV! Simply head over to and click “Members” from the navigation bar at the top of your screen – or go directly here: > Members > Add Family Member. Click the “Add someone as a member” button to add and manage members of your YouTube TV account!

Check this video for more details on how you can add members.

The Dos and Don’t:

  • One of the best features about adding a family member to YouTube TV is being able to use data without it counting against your plan.
  • But what if you’re not sure? There’s an easy way to find out! If you have up more than one line on your account, log in with one device and go into settings (or then click “View Data Usage.” This will tell you how much data has been used so far this month for each phone number linked to that account – including any lines belonging to those who were added as family members!
  • Before adding someone other than a spouse or partner and children under 18 years old, make sure they’ll be interested in using the service before signing them up! YouTube TV isn’t cheap and if they don’t have a need for it, you’ll be wasting money.
  • Adding someone as a family member has never been easier with YouTube TV. Head over to then click “Members” from the navigation bar at the top of your screen or go directly here: > Members > Add Family Member where you can add new members who are eligible (spouse/partner or child under 18 years old) and manage existing ones too!
  • After clicking this button, enter their email address in order to verify that they’re an eligible user before signing them into Google Account while signed into app on same device to complete signup process.”

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