How to Save a YouTube Video to Dropbox?

Have you ever been in a situation where the video on YouTube that was of utmost importance to your current work is no longer available? Have you found yourself in search of a way to save the video and have it accessible at all times? Well, there’s an easy solution.

The article will provide you with simple steps on how to save a YouTube video to Dropbox.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that provides users with file hosting and sharing capabilities. It allows individuals to create an online folder of their files, allowing them to be accessed from anywhere on the internet as well as other devices.

Dropbox also offers features like automatic camera uploads for saved photos or video clips, syncing folders between different computers without any data loss to ensure you can work on your projects at home or while traveling abroad, etc.

How do I save YouTube videos?

There are many ways but here are some easy steps:

  • Download the browser extension that will allow you to download any content within seconds by clicking on it (there’s one for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera). The article includes a link to the extension.
  • Install Dropbox on your computer and create a folder called Videos. Once it is installed, open it and you’ll be able to see all of the files inside your Dropbox account from any location (even without an Internet connection). Simply drag the video file into this folder for it to stay saved with other videos that are already there.
  • One easy way of doing this is by opening up YouTube, clicking on the menu button located at the top left corner, scrolling down until you find Shared Items under My Account then click Download next to Video File Name.
  • The content will start downloading straight away within seconds as long as you have downloaded browser extensions or they’re not blocked in your country’s firewall.

If you don’t want to download the extension, click on Tools > Options in Firefox or Preferences in Chrome and select ‘Downloads’. Next, choose what kind of files you want to save – video/audio. Once it’s selected, all videos will automatically be downloaded as they’re played enabling you to watch them later without having an Internet connection for example.

Check out this video to check more details on how to upload a video to dropbox.

What are some other ways that I can save a YouTube video?

Other options include downloading the video via Google Drive or another online storage service, putting it on a USB drive, and saving it in your computer’s files directory then transferring it to Dropbox folder later if you need them for future projects, etc.

What are the benefits for saving the video to Dropbox?

The benefits of saving the video to Dropbox are that you can share it with someone else if needed, access your videos anywhere without any Internet connection, and most importantly save them for future references.

Are there any disadvantages?

The only disadvantage is that you may not be able to access them from every device, such as a phone or tablet for example, but they will still work on laptops or PCs, etc. All in all, this isn’t a big deal because most people have either a laptop or PC so it won’t be much of an issue since the content can easily be accessed elsewhere if needed.

How do I save the video to Google Drive?

Just like with Dropbox, you’ll need an account to create a folder and upload files. Next, click on the menu icon located at the top left corner of your screen then go in Shared Items > My Videos > Upload Video Files where you can select any file from your computer (like photos or videos) that have been saved beforehand.

After clicking Choose File there will be instructions for uploading it as well as how many gigabytes each file is taking up when uploaded. You may also want to check which format they are so that you know what kind of device it should be played on later if needed etc.

Once all this has been done, simply download Google Drive and drag the video into your Google Drive folder to save it.

Can we save from the youtube app?

If you are using the YouTube app on your mobile device then video files will not be saved. Instead, it’ll just tell you that it’s downloading but in reality, it won’t do anything and the downloaded file won’t show up at all so this is why a laptop or PC should always be used for saving videos instead of a mobile device.


Saving videos from YouTube is a great idea because it gives you the ability to watch them offline or save them for future projects. There are many ways of doing so, but here we’ve outlined some popular ones that work well no matter what device you’re using as long as there’s an Internet connection available (so don’t try this on mobile!).

The only downside is if your phone doesn’t have enough storage space and can’t store files locally then you’ll need to find another way. Luckily with all these methods in mind, saving videos has never been easier!

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