How to Make YouTube Subtitles Bigger?

Today, we are going to answer one of the most common questions that YouTube users ask: how do you make subtitles on YouTube bigger?

What are subtitles on a youtube video?

Subtitles, also known as captions or closed captioning in the broadcast industry, is a textual transcription of dialogue and other sounds that is displayed on the screen. They can be used for the digital video which displays text rather than showing sound to represent the words being spoken by actors or speakers; they might not have been recorded with audio originally. Subtitles allow people who cannot hear well or at all (elderly viewers) to enjoy what’s happening without needing additional equipment like turning on subtitles.

Bigger Subtitles For YouTube

We cover four different methods of making your subtitles larger and more visible. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Method 1 For Adding Bigger Subtitles For Your YouTube Videos:

YouTube Settings. If you have a computer, log in to your account and go to the video that has subtitles too small for you to read.

Next, click on the gear icon at the top-right of the screen and select “Playback settings.” From there, adjust playback quality until it works with your connection speed or takes up more space on your screen if necessary, you can also change the resolution from here as well by clicking around in some menus as we demonstrated before.

Now make sure that captions are turned off under all three subheadings (Captions displayed while playing videos is off; Captions automatically displays when selected language is detected is off; Captions always displays on mobile devices is off).

Method # two: settings. This method can be a little tricky, so we’ve illustrated it with screenshots for you below!

First of all, log in to your account and go to (you might need to scroll down the page if there are many other options listed at the top) by clicking “Settings” right next to the search bar where you type in video titles or channels––it should have black text as opposed to white like everything else that shows up on this section of Youtube pages.

Next click “Edit Captions Settings” which will take you through three different screens before allowing you to make the size of the subtitles bigger.

Method # three:

The Subtitle App by Google for YouTube. This app is actually free and it’s on the Play Store!

To use this method, install the Subtitles for YouTube app from the link below in your mobile device’s web browser or favorite mobile application store––it should take you to a page with a green “download now” button at the top-right of the screen that will allow you to download and install directly onto your phone.

Once installed, open up Youtube on your device (in whatever app you typically watch videos) and find whichever video has small captions––once located, tap “subtitles” which should be right next to where you type in titles or channels.

Here you can select the language for which subtitles will show up, make them bigger or smaller according to your needs and find a list of other languages that might be interesting to watch!

Method # four:

The Subtitle App by Google for YouTube on PC/Mac. This is an alternative but very similar method of making youtube subtitles larger––it’s just in addition to Method # one rather than instead of it like we mentioned before―so if you have trouble with any of the steps outlined above then no worries because this app has got us covered (pun intended)!

To use this method, first install the Subtitles for YouTube app from the link below in your web browser’s extensions section——this should take you directly to the “add-ons” page in your browser.

Next, from there search for Subtitles for YouTube and click on “install” to add it as an extension (it should have a green button at the top of the screen). Now open up Youtube on your computer or laptop and find whichever video has small captions––once located, right-click anywhere on top of that video’s thumbnail picture which is displayed near the bottom-right corner of the youtube window.

Clicking this will bring you to another menu with an option called “Subtitle settings” where you can adjust subtitles size!

Method # five:

Auto resizing subtitles with Google Chrome Extension. Finally, another way you could make YouTube subtitles bigger is using a google chrome extension which should be readily available through your browser’s extensions section if it isn’t already installed.

This method works like Method # two but has some added benefits such as being able to resize them according to whatever preset preferences you have set up or even downloading them as a video file so that you can watch them later on your mobile device or in a different web browser.

You can also check this video for more details:


You can also change the font size of captions by going to and clicking “Settings” at the top-right––once there, click on the three dots next to “Font Style” in order to choose a new one that is more comfortable for you!

Make Youtube subtitles bigger in android and IOS mobile Youtube app

This option is available for Android and IOS mobile youtube app. “First, open your mobile device’s web browser and go to, Second choose the video you want and click on the captions button found next to where you type in titles or channels (or if the video already has captions enabled).”

Then tap on “subtitle settings” which should be right next to where you type in titles or channels

Tap on “font-size” which would be at the top-right corner of your screen. Then increase font size by any one of the two methods below:

Tap on the three dots next to “Font Size”. Then tap on “+” until you find a size that is comfortable for you.


(even better)

“Open the YouTube app on your mobile device and click on “Settings”. Tap the “Subtitles & CC” button in order to change the font size.”


As you can see, there are many ways to make YouTube subtitles bigger. Captions in general have been a hot topic for people who understand the importance of accessibility and being able to provide content that everyone can consume without issue. In order to keep up with this trend, we’ve outlined five different methods on how to do just that!

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