How to Remove Audio From a YouTube Video?

This blog post will teach you how to remove the audio from an uploaded youtube video. This is a helpful trick if you want to extract only the video and not the audio from a youtube clip. We’ll go over some of the best methods for removing audio in this article!

Find the video you want to edit

  • Click on the video to bring up a window with information about it
  • Look for an “Edit” or “Details” button near the bottom of this pop-up window. If you scroll down, there might be one that says “remove audio”.

If you don’t see any buttons on your screen (for example if YouTube is minimized), try clicking play and pause repeatedly until you find what we’re looking for!

This should get rid of all ads and other distractions so that only the video content remains.

You can also use Chrome’s Developer Tools which will open automatically when you click on a browser tab. It has an option under ‘Network’ called ‘Media’. Selecting this shows both the network activity generated by media in the tab.

Remove the audio from the video and save it as a new file on your computer

  • On your computer, open the video and copy its URL
  • Paste it into a text editor window or any program that can record sound (Audacity is one) to convert the audio file to mp format
  • Download/save this new mp file on your computer! You now have an MP version of the video without accompanying audio.

This means you can upload it as usual on sites like YouTube or Facebook with no audio attached. If you’re uploading it to Youtube, just make sure “Video” is selected when reviewing options before clicking ‘Upload’.

Upload your new edited version of the video back onto YouTube

  • Open the video on YouTube and click “Edit”
  • Find where it says “Remove Audio” or “No audio available”. Copy the URL of this edited version, then upload your new file to Youtube!

People might be tempted to remove the sound from a video to use that space for other content. This is not recommended because removing sound can make viewers feel disconnected when viewing a video without any dialogue or background noise.

Learn more about how to upload multiple videos on youtube.

For example, if someone uploaded an instructional cooking clip there would be no accompanying narration explaining what they are doing with their hands so people may find it difficult to follow along at home. Removing audio also means you cannot provide subtitles which are often important for capturing knowledge spoken by non-native English speakers

Share on social media!

  • Share your new video on Facebook or Twitter
  • Tell people why you love it! For example, “I prefer listening to music without the lyrics playing as I wind down from work.” If you’re a business owner, this is a great way to promote how much fun your store might be. OR share something funny that happened while filming for some laughs!

Here are some examples of videos with and without sound:

Without audio – This clip shows what happens when there’s no accompanying background noise in a video.

It can make viewers feel disconnected and frustrated because they cannot hear any dialogue or other sounds to keep them engaged. Most importantly if someone uploaded an instructional cooking clip then there would be no narration explaining what they are doing.

You can also check this video for more details:

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