How To Tag Someone On YouTube: Tips and Methods

Tagging someone on YouTube is the act of assigning another user a video to watch and share with their friends. For example, I could tag my best friend in this video so that she would see it when she logs onto her account!

Tagging people on YouTube is a great way for you to expand your social media network and increase how many people are watching your videos.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to tag someone on Youtube with different methods that can be used depending on what type of situation you’re in.

How to Tag Someone on Youtube?

Tips for Tagging People You Know in Videos of Yourself or Others: If you are tagging people that you know, there is very little risk involved because they will probably be happy when they see the video as opposed to angry at being tagged without their consent.

One way to do this would be by creating an account where only your friends can comment so that if it is not something that makes sense for others, then no one else sees it anyways. However, if you want anyone who watches the video including strangers then tagging them should still work just fine and they will be notified of it.

Tips for Tagging People You Don’t Know in Videos

If you have videos where strangers are featured, then the risk becomes a little more significant. This is partly because someone might not want to accidentally share your video with family members or friends that don’t know what the content entails yet.

The other reason this could be an issue is that there may be sensitive information about people how do not want their personal lives shared online without consent like kids or high profile public figures. One way to ensure that these types of things won’t happen when tagging others on YouTube would be by using Google Plus so no one can comment on them unless they’re also signed up for G+ too!

A Steps for tagging someone on youtube.

1) Set up a google account and youtube account

2) Log in to your google account on youtube

3) Go to the video you want to tag someone in

4) Click “Add Video” at the top right of the screen

5) In the box that pops up, click “Share”  

6) Type in their username or email address (you will need to know this beforehand!)  

7) Press enter or click “Send Request” and they should receive an email notification asking them if they want to add themselves as a commenter for your video! (You can also do this by sending them a link. If you’re not sure how to follow steps 1-6 above.)

8 ) You may have to wait until they accept before seeing their name on your list of commenters. But once they do, it’ll be there! 🙂

Moreover, there’s are other possible methods to tag someone on youtube.

  • Navigate to the YouTube Channel of your friend you want to Tag and search for a recent video that they have posted.
  • Click on the three dots next to “Send Message” or “+ Add comment.”
  • This will open up an additional window below where you can type what is called a Title, Description, and Question.
  • Fill these out with information about tagging them into their own video so it appears as if they are responding live in real time.
  • Include relevant hashtags which may help your post be found by those who would find this useful.
  • Click Comment when done composing all of the desired content. You should then see something like “<Name>, I love how you are so funny and how you always make me laugh” at the bottom of your friends video.

I think these above-mentioned methods will help you tag someone. If you have any other unique method to tag someone on youtube, please share with us through email or comment section.

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