How to Turn Off The YouTube Mini Player?

If you have ever watched a YouTube video on your phone and felt like the mini-player was taking up too much screen space, then we have some good news for you. This post will show you how to turn it off so that you can enjoy your videos in full-screen mode!

What is a youtube mini player?

The mini player is an embedded video that displays at the bottom of your screen. It can’t be closed or minimized, and it will stay on the screen even if you start scrolling through other videos. This article will help show you how to turn off YouTube’s Mini Player so that you can enjoy full-screen mode while watching more than one video!

How do I disable autoplay on youtube?

There are two ways to turn off auto-playing. The first is to simply disable it in your account settings by going into the app or website and clicking ‘settings’ (please note that this will only work if you’re logged in). You’ll find a toggle for turning off auto-play at the bottom of the screen under General Settings.

What should I do if I’m still experiencing problems with youtube’s mini player?

If you’re still having issues, we recommend that you try turning off autoplay sounds in your settings to see if this helps. You can also turn on the “hide controls” option (found under General Settings) so that the controls disappear after a few seconds of playback. This will help make it easier for videos to play without being interrupted by constant scrolling and clicking!

Pros of the mini player:

  • It’s a quick way to preview videos with just one click
  • You can keep watching the video while scrolling through other videos or looking up more information about it.

Cons of the mini player:

  • It takes up screen space and makes everything else on your screen smaller (especially if you have an iPhone SE)
  • Your thumb is constantly blocking what would otherwise be visible parts of your video when strolling around, making it difficult to appreciate the fullscreen mode

Some other options might help with the mini-player issue:

Turning on “hide controls” (found under General Settings) so that they disappear after a few seconds of playback and use YouTube’s built-in functionality called “Autoplay next video.”

Check this youtube video for more details:

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  1. This isn’t a solution. Auto play only controls whether or not the thumbnails play, has no control over whether or not the mini player shows up. I’ve looked through all the settings and cannot find anything that turns off the mini player when returning to the home screen!


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