My YouTube Comments Keep Disappearing: What’s Wrong?

It’s frustrating when you put hours of time into commenting on a YouTube video, only to have them disappear the next day. It’s even more frustrating when you have no idea why this is happening. Luckily, it turns out that there are many reasons for disappearing comments on YouTube and your problem can be solved in just a few steps! To find out what the issue might be and how to fix it, keep reading below!

What are YouTube comments and why do they matter?

YouTube comments are messages you can leave on videos to provide feedback, ask questions, and express your opinion about a video.

Most of the time these comments help YouTube creators improve their content so that it will be more relevant for more viewers. In other words, they matter because without them there would not be any way for people like us (the commenters) to share our thoughts with content creators or each other!

These comments are also a way for people to get closer and interact with YouTube creators.

These comments are important because they provide feedback, questions, and opinions to content creators that allow them to improve their content for more viewers. Comments also give users the opportunity to connect with one another!

Comments on YouTube must be public in order for other people to see them so if you’re not getting notifications from your posts then make sure this is checked off when posting new comments!

You should never post personal information like email addresses or phone numbers as these aren’t relevant within any of the discussion threads on YouTube.

One way people might try tricking others into giving out private information through commenting is by pretending their profile picture looks familiar; don’t fall for it! Instead, if you’re curious about who this person is then send them a friend request.

What is happening when my YouTube comment disappears?

It could just be an accident if someone accidentally clicked “delete” instead of a reply. But most likely what’s happened is that either: your account has been deleted or suspended; you have done something offensive enough that Google automatically flagged it as inappropriate and removed it from view; the YouTuber has disabled comments on their video; the video is hidden from search results because it violates YouTube’s community guidelines.

The most likely thing that has happened in one of these four things:

  • Your account was deleted or suspended
  • You did something offensive enough for Google to flag it as inappropriate and remove the comment from view
  • The YouTuber disabled comments on their video
  • The video is hidden because it violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

Check this video for a detailed insight too

How do I fix my YouTube comment problem?

If your account has been deleted or suspended, the quickest way to get it back is by signing in with the email address and password that you previously used. But if this does not work then contact Google directly for more information about why your account was removed!

If you have done something offensive enough for Google to flag it as inappropriate and remove the comment from view, chances are good that a YouTuber disabled comments on their video. In order to find out who did so, try searching up “comment removal” + Youtube Creator Name into google where it will show all of their videos-find one with no discussion threads (or search manually) and click through until you see whether or not they have enabled comments.

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