The Fastest and Easiest Way to Turn Off YouTube Slow Mode on YouTube?

The YouTube slow mode can be a drag. It’s hard to watch videos when they’re moving at an excruciating pace, and the whole process of scrolling through your feed is just too frustrating. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way! In this blog post, we will teach you how to turn off YouTube slow mode on YouTube for good!

YouTube Slow Mode is a new feature that can be turned on to create captions in real-time. If you’re watching a video and need help reading the subtitles, this option might come in handy for you—but if it doesn’t feel like what you’re looking for, don’t worry! You have plenty of other options available. YouTube offers three different modes: automatic, manual, or off. The slow mode will automatically create captions in real-time, but you’ll need to turn it on first.

YouTube Slow Mode:

It is the default setting for viewing videos on YouTube. The company thinks it’s easier to watch in the slow mode because it plays a video at 60% of its original speed, so loading and playing get quicker. This feature is good for those who want to be able to watch their favorite videos without a lot of buffering or interruption.

However, many people find it frustrating because the audio is faster than the video. It’s also not great for when you are trying to catch every word of a conversation with subtitles on. But the company thinks that  YouTube Slow Mode is a good thing for people who are watching videos in places with a slow internet connection. Many enjoy this feature because it allows for videos to be watched at a more comfortable pace.

Turn if off

To turn off YouTube Slow Mode, go to your Account Settings and select the option for “Playback quality” and select “Original.”

  • YouTube Slow Mode is the default setting.
  • To turn off Youtube Slow Mode go into your Account Settings in the settings section and select the option for “Playback quality” and select the button to view the original. This will turn off slow mode.

Turn slow mode in youtube from the browser

To turn off YouTube Slow Mode in the browser, click on your account icon and select “Playback settings” from the drop-down. Scroll down to the bottom of this section until you find a heading titled “Slow mode video playback.” Underneath that should be the option for “Off”. Click on it and then close it out of your Settings menu.

Turn slow mode youtube app

If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, go into your device’s App Store (inside Google Play) and search up YouTube. A list will show up with different apps that offer access to Youtube videos. Find one that suits what you’re looking for, but make sure it is not just a downloader app because those don’t work since they can’t access the full video catalog. In what is called YouTube TV, you can switch between “Auto” and “Original” playback quality to have your preferences set up with both options available.

Turn slow mode off in Youtube on IOS:

  • Open YouTube app on IOS
  • Tap the three lines in the top left corner of your screen and then hit settings. Under General, tap Playback Quality -> Original. This will turn off slow mode. To return to Auto playback quality, do the same thing but select “Auto” instead of “Original.”

You can also check this video for more details:

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